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BELLA, 19. Blondie. Stockholm. art, pugs, movies, breakfast, fashion, rubber ducks.anything weird.


One of the most frustrating things in the world for me is that sometimes I’ll be thinking so much about all the important things going on, or all the exciting possibilities happening in life right now, or all of the pressing issues, and my brain just reaches this thinking capacity…

What I’ve read in some CS fanfictions, where Hook goes to NY to save Emma, she offers him coffee, and he acts like he doesn’t know what it is. That is highly unlikely. Hook has lived more than 300 years, sailing around the world (possibly). He surely robbed ships which had coffee as trade since it was one of the popular trades around 1600- until today. NY had its first coffeehouse 1696. Soooo… Hook not knowing what coffee is, just doesn’t make sense. Sorry for being that person, but it just bothers me.


my last word will probably be either “whoops” or “shit”

Whoopsie daisy

(via hallonhjaerta)